green woods facility

Our Unique Facility

Living Our Mission

As a testament to our mission of stewardship, Green Woods Charter School transformed our site from a polluted, dumping grounds and litter-strewn lot, into an urban green space. Working with the Philadelphia Water Department and the Department of Environmental Protection, our more than five acres of brownfield in the City of Philadelphia has become an oasis for urban wildlife and outdoor learning. The site exceeds the City's requirements for storm water management and the varying topography was strategically used to develop an outdoor learning laboratory maximizing every available space to align with, and to enhance, our teacher-created, award winning, environmental science curriculum.

green woods facility

Our Unique Facility

Our school building was designed to accommodate our mission allowing for a seamless integration between our indoor and outdoor classrooms. The building is a modern, 60,000 square foot design with floor to ceiling windows, three science rooms, a science lab, balconies, gymnasium, media center, music room, art rooms and more. K-2 classrooms offer doorways leading directly to the natural world.

Indoor and Outdoor Learning

The design of our building is modern, yet reflects our environmental mission with both flexibility and purpose. The building and outdoor learning areas are equipped with up-to-date wireless technology and designed with measures to ensure the security and safety of students.

Our multi-acre outdoor laboratory includes a pond, streams, wetlands areas and a walking trail allowing our students to learn about the environment by being immersed in the environment. Graveled beach areas are strategically placed around the large pond for safe and easy access during aquatic explorations. A pier provides still another unique space for observation and learning. The entire site was planted with trees and shrubs native to our region providing the best possible habitat for attracting and supporting local wildlife.

Active Stewards!

Each and every day our students work collaboratively as they gain important knowledge and skills necessary to take an active role in solving issues that affect them, their communities and the environment. Both inside and outside of the classroom we are realizing our mission to "create active young stewards of the natural world!"

Strategic Advantages for Students, Staff, and Community

This one-of-a-kind, K-8 school facility in Philadelphia, presents many strategic advantages for our students, staff, and community including:

  • Centrally located to the majority of our students;
  • Controlled and safe indoor and outdoor learning areas;
  • Indoor classrooms filled with natural light with learning areas specifically designed to achieve academic objectives;
  • Purposely designed outdoor learning laboratory space that aligns with environmental science curriculum goals;
  • Proximity to SEPTA public transportation: the nearest bus stop is one-half block away;
  • Ease of ingress/egress for vehicles dropping off children;

Green Woods was awarded the national designation as a "Model EIC (Using the Environment as an Integrating Context) School". Our school facility and our program remain a model for replication. Educators from throughout the country have come to Green Woods wanting to learn more about our successful model.