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What Our Families Say About Us?

What our families say

"Rich and I could not be happier with Madison attending Green Woods. The school is unlike any other. We are really pleased with how the staff runs everything. They are outside every morning even in brutal weather making sure your child gets in safe and I also never worry about missing anything since the school is so efficient at sending out emails and updating the website.

The only sad thing is it will end at 8th grade and we can only hope to find a high school as wonderful. We will however continue to enjoy the years she still has to come at Green Woods." …The Castrovillo's

"As parents of 3 students attending Green Woods Charter School for the past five years, this school is exactly what we were looking for & more than we could have hoped for. In addition to a strong curriculum, Green Woods Charter School is teaching our girls to be kind, compassionate & resourceful, as they learn to respect the environment by recycling & other green practices.

We are especially grateful for the communication, passion and interest of the dedicated administration, staff and faculty. We are so proud to be part of this wonderful community that is Green Woods Charter School." …Keith & Jennifer Conroy

"I find it so amazing that a school can make learning fun and exciting for children. My son just finished his second year at Green Woods and I am truly pleased with the quality of education that he is receiving. I was especially impressed when the mom of one of my son's previous classmates saw his math book and commented that her daughter had not learned some of the things that my son was learning. I am very happy that we are a part of the Green Woods family." …Rebecca Williams

"My daughter has grown into a very confident and secure young lady. I have to attribute this growth to her wonderful team of middle-school teachers at Green Woods. She has found such success both academically and emotionally through their guidance and professionalism. These teachers have paved the way for Katherine over the last 2 years. Please know how grateful I am for the entire staff of Green Woods. My most sincere thank-you!" …Karen Russell

"Green Woods had been a true blessing for our son JP. He transferred in the second grade and from the beginning it was an awesome transition. The teachers and staff were so welcoming and loving that it made him want to go to school everyday. He has grown so much not only in his knowledge but also as a strong confident person thanks to the teachers / staff. We are so happy to have found such an awesome school that has the kids interests and attention everyday." ... John and Liz Godlewski

What our families say

What is the focus of Green Woods Curriculum?
Green Woods Charter School uses an approach to teaching and learning known as EIC, which stands for using the Environment as an Integrated Context for learning. EIC is a nationally-research, evidence-based program proven to energize students, empower teachers and close the achievement gap. Our students spend time outdoors in all kinds of weather, immersed in learning experiences that expand their knowledge base while having them actively engaged in observing, questioning, and discovering how the environment works. For additional information, refer to our website under "Curriculum."

How do Green Woods' test scores compare to other schools?
Green Woods Charter School has made AYP each year for the last 11 years. We have won numerous awards for our success and our innovative approach to teaching and learning. Our test scores far exceed the local and state averages. For example, the Spring 2014 PSSA results indicate100% of 7th grade students scored proficient/advanced in Reading, while 85% of 4th grade students and 85% of 8th grade students scored proficient/advanced in Science. Math scores for grades 3-8 average 86% proficient/advanced. Our 8th grade students are accepted to the top high schools in the city.

What kind of student would enjoy learning at Green Woods?
We strongly encourage parents applying to Green Woods to please consider the many potential allergy triggers that exist when students are actively learning outdoors. Please be aware of how your child reacts to weather-related events, seasonal changes and allergens. Our mission includes an overarching goal to create active young stewards of the natural world. Children can often be out of doors, in all kinds of weather, engaged in active learning.

For answers to more Frequently Asked Questions, please see our FAQ section on the Green Woods website.

Learn about Green Woods Charter School's EIC education model
(Environment as an Integrating Context for learning)

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