EIC Model


More than any other time, the topic of public education in Philadelphia is a serious conversation.  Everyone is involved in the dialogue – students, parents, families, community and business leaders, elected officials and the media.  At the very heart of this subject is the focus on quality schools:  schools that are safe and financially stable, schools that offer families a real choice, schools that strive for academic excellence and a holistic educational experience, and schools that help all students on their path toward a future of higher learning and career readiness.

Green Woods Charter School is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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A Special Gift of $2,000

A gift of $2,000 bridges the gap in funding to educate one Green Woods student in an academic year.

Green Woods Charter School is that quality school where:

  • Great teachers help students to use their special talents and knowledge to constantly improve themselves, their learning, their school, and the environment
  • Strong school leaders are dedicated to learning and continuously improving, accepting the responsibility to always be the best
  • A unique mission and award-winning curriculum drive our teaching and learning
  • Our model has garnered regional and national accolades
  • A diverse school ecosystem, committed parents, and engaged community members work in synergy to define and achieve excellence.

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